Bob Howell- Saxophonist Movies and Sounds
Bob and Ronny Cuber
Bob on Flute
Posmontier Quartet Live at the
World Cafe
Bob Solo 1
You're Under Arrest
Weaver of Dreams
Pete Rogsky's Quintet at Gerald Veasley's
Jazz Base
John Riley-drums
Pete Rogosky-guitar
Steve Varner-basses
Andy Roberts-piano & keyboards
All other personnel
are listed in the
"Pictures" site.
Bob Howell- Saxophonist
Bob Howell- Saxophonist
Bob Howell- Saxophonist
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*"Alto Madness
Orchestra" and
"Bob Solo 1" were
recorded at the
Jazz Standard in
New York.
Short Clip of the Alto Madness
Bob Howell- Saxophonist
Bob on Blues on the Corner
If I Should Lose You
Bob with Human Nature
"What's Goin' On"
Low                High
Dave Posmontier Quartet
"Funk Bunk" composed by
Dave Posmontier-keyboards with
Chico Huff-bass
Erik Johnson-drums
Bob Howell-saxophone
Bless This Mouse by the Posmontier
Brothers Quintet from their original album
"Scientists of Sound"
Various clips of Bob with a sample of the great bands and performers
he has played with. Some sound clips are remastered and posted
while videos and other sound clips are straight from new, live
performances and recordings. All personnel not listed here are listed
on the pictures page along with corresponding pictures (album art,
recording sessions) of everyone in the band.
Three Views of a Secret
(Live, unrehearsed
Miles Davis Original!)
Bob Howell- Saxophonist