Jordainio Howellio, Mr. Lee, Jo-Jo, J-Dawg, Jo, black, Ketchup,
Benhamin, J-D, Andy Milonakis, Spittyfinger 1, Crazy, Jonas, Gelapi,
Vegetarian Australian, but most definately not
       Jordan Howell...

A manual autobiography coming soon but still not
that high on the list...

Ok, you all ready? Here's my update as of July
31st, 2008.
      After today, there's nine more days to my
birthday. I sit queitly thinking of what the day
really means to me now that I am older and
getting closer to dieing with every year gone
by. But there is so much to live for that i
don't really occupy my thoughts with that state
of mind-and I still want to get presents (I
really NEED that staplegun...). But alas, no
matter how old I feel, I have responsibilities
that are put in place by society that I cannot
get around; and I have friends that never cease
to amaze me in how arrogant they turn out to be.
Of course, there are the women, too, who are so
attached to me that I wish my music could just
carry them away.
My music. That
is what "it's all about", anyway,
and all I can really truthfully do is get in
touch with my inner artist. Nothing else matters.

*I will write something else that is more poetic, but i will have to copywrite it
because you cant do it on a PC so i have to write it on a Macintosh computer.
Seting a
new trend...